02 Dec,2016

How to report your study abroad test scores

Making sure your exam scores arrive at universities on time is incredibly important; you don’t want to leave even a single stone unturned to get into your dream school. So now that you are ready to take on the exam, it’s time to understand how to send scores to the university or college. There could be instances when you may find yourself overwhelmed with the choices available on…

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19 Nov,2016

12 Must See Places in Ireland

Ireland, often referred to as ‘the emerald isle’, is a continuous shade of green. Filled with some of the most magical scenery and the liveliest people, it is the perfect destination for anyone who relishes art, history, nature, music and cuisines in its true form. The informality of Irish culture and its people will make you fall in love with the place instantly. To help…

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05 Nov,2016

The 10 places you must see in Germany

A visit to Germany, with its historic cities and small towns, along with an abundance of forests and mountains, is about experiencing one of the most dynamic cultures in Europe. Germany offers a high standard of living, extensive travel opportunities both within and outside the country, world-class cultural events and recreational facilities for everyone. Germany, home to many fine museums and galleries, boasts of a…

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28 Oct,2016


5 reasons why you must learn a foreign language

If you happen to be one of those people who want to enjoy (1) cheaper, easier and more fulfilling travel, (2) a bigger, healthier, faster brain, (3) higher grades at school, (4) a better job with higher pay and (5) a richer social life,  read on! For those of you who are already learning a foreign language, sit back and enjoy reading about the awesome rewards you…

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21 Oct,2016

6 Things successful students do everyday

6 Things Successful Students Do Everyday

Adhering to rules and routine is not something that everyone fancies. But a general observation of successful people tells us one thing – having a systematic routine trumps spontaneity when it comes to achievement. The same goes for students. Here are some tips successful students swear by to advance in their pursuits: They manage their time Highly successful students not just know, but realise that…

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13 Oct,2016

Facilities vs Reputation

Facilities vs Reputation : What do Students Prefer in Institutions

The college enrolment decision for the student community has become an increasingly complex process during the last 30 years, as society and higher education have transformed in many ways. From being providers for local and domestic students, institutions of higher education have become players of a global market. The higher education environment has become competitive and institutions have to compete for the best students. As elite colleges and universities…

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06 Oct,2016

What Makes India Travel

How to write a college application essay

Imagine you are a part of the admissions team. Let us assume your team has a 1000 applications to review every session (that’s far below the average). Assuming the review process lasts a month, it effectively boils down to you reviewing 50 applications per day, examining around 6-7 applications in an hour. (more…)

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28 Sep,2016

How are Indians Travelling

What Makes India Travel?

 With rising income levels and an affluent middle class, India has a newfound passion for travelling, both within and outside the country. (more…)

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17 Sep,2016


The Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist

  If you are reading this, you are either intending or have already made plans to study abroad in the near or distant future. Or, you are just curious about checklists. (more…)

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